“It is important to understand the difference between a policy, a standard and a guideline”

Fractional CISO & vCISO

this exec role tends to be more and more crucial for companies, it used to be a security responsible under directives on CIO,  but last years with huge demanding security on companies CISOs are so crucial to organisation and it is key role on exec staff, that is the Chief Information Security Officer.

The vCISO is a high level security practitioner whith cybersecurity industry experience who help organizations with developing and managing the implementation of the organization’s information security program.
vCISOs help to architect the organization’s security strategy and control organisation operations to fit that strategy  

What vCISOs Can Deliver

In a professional capacity, vCISOs can help companies with risk assessments, cybersecurity plans, and managing the execution of the plan in hand. Virtual CISOs also help with client engagement, and answer prospect questions. They help with compliance-related tasks. vCISOs can be the key driver for cybersecurity improvement in an organization.

His role :